Digital Signage Insights

I’m often amazed by the simple, but hidden, insights that come from studying digital menu board analytics.  The cross-referencing of POS purchase data with digital signage content so often gives restaurants clear direction on how to best engage their clientele, yet so few are doing it with any rhythm.  As partners in the business of client engagement, it mystifies me why the top digital signage companies are not helping their restaurant clients leverage their data to optimize their in-restaurant and drive-thru digital signage.

It’s easy to believe that you already have the best digital menu board performance, but will the data prove it out?  The great news is that Coca-Cola and Creative Realities teamed up to share insights into their respective findings from a variety of digital signage systems in the QSR and Fast Casual restaurant space.  Registrants to the webinar will not only see the top strategies for digital menu board content design, but will also get tips to help drive engagement while influencing customers’ purchase behaviors.  This webinar will help you sort through the noise and get the tips that were gathered by studying the data coming from the transaction data and the menu boards themselves.

CRI and Coca-Cola have long believed in the power of Data Driven Design®, where quick response to purchase data is employed to drive even stronger digital signage / digital menu board performance.  The two companies have teamed up to create a menu design process that relies on strong creative design, optimal menu item placement, strategic LTO promotion/interruption, and performance analysis … which means that both companies are storehouses of knowledge on the dos and don’ts of digital menu board design.  Every menu can be improved, over time, as your customer base evolves and changes their buying patterns.  Studying the data will give you the crystal ball needed to stay relevant and maximize customer engagement.

Gaining insights from your POS or transaction data is really not as difficult as it may sound at first blush.  It does take some analysis to determine what data is meaningful and how to create performance-enhancing hypotheses from that same data.  After that it’s a matter of testing different approaches and isolating the approach that gleaned the greatest results.  So why doesn’t every QSR or Fast Casual make a habit of letting the data drive their menu decisions?   Maybe it’s because they are too busy being restaurant operators and don’t have that specific talent in-house.

If data and analytics are not an inherent skill in your organization, you should partner with a firm that has the ability to cull the relevant data and teach you how to pivot on the meaningful findings.  Find somebody who has done it before, and hold them accountable for measurable results – whether it’s sales lift, increased margins, reduced waste, better engagement, new product intros, or operational efficiency.  Make a commitment to exploring the data, and you will always be top of the class in engaging customers, driving behavior, and having digital menu boards that produce a significant return year-over-year.  And if you don’t know where to start looking for that kind of partner, CRI and Coca-Cola are both great resources.

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