Digital Signage At The Mall – What I Saw

I’ve tried to stay away from going to shopping malls during the holidays and weekends for obvious reasons. Last week, I finally gathered the courage to stop doing my “Amazon Prime” routine and go to the mall. Not with the intention of buying, but in my new role as the marketing manager, I wanted to experience Digital Signage and Digital Menu Boards from a different point of view. My goals – watch, observe, and learn.

Upon my arrival, I started observing the surroundings and found that digital signage is quite the rage today! I wiggled my way through a department store and was amazed by the presence of way finders, touchscreen kiosks, interactive digital signage, and very few sales persons. It felt close to being transported into the “Mall Scene” in Minority Report. With changing times, brands have always found ways to come up with appealing and catchy elements to grab the customers’ attention. And digital signage does just that. Well, it was not only the huge department stores or the large chain of fast food restaurants that had digital signage or digital menu boards. The small fish of the retail industry has also jumped in to compete with the big sharks. Digital signage could be of immense help in grabbing potential customers’ attention that could drive sales.

There were some remnants of banners, posters, and light boxes which are nice, but digital signage is versatile in the variety of content it offers and being interactive, it stands out from its predecessor. Some businesses benefit more than others from digital signage, and I think as long there is a spot for customers to wait, it’s in the best interest to deploy digital signage. It actually reduces perceived wait time! While standing in line at a fast food restaurant in the food court, the Limited Time Offers (LTOs) and the catchy messaging on the Digital Menu Boards were quite entertaining; this activity did reduce my wait time…or was it just my perception?

I also came across some highly creative displays with digital signage embedded into physical signage. This, I feel is heading towards the right direction in becoming a really unique concept.

In my short trip, I realized that customer experience being the most appealing and entertaining aspect of every business; digital signage enables to transform both the storefront and in-store experience entirely. The retail outlets not only established a comfort level with me on a personal basis but here I am telling more people about it. Digital signage may have been difficult a few years back, not anymore. Businesses should use it if they want to retain customers because if they don’t, potential customers will pass by.

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