5 Golden Rules of a Digital Signage Installation

With the advent of technological advance in the world of marketing and business, it comes as no surprise that digital signage is the modern go-to for boosting sales, creating a seamless customer service experience, directing traffic, and converting useful data into advertisements that reach the consumer.

However, digital signage isn’t an end-all solution. It’s best utilized as a tool, and like any tool, you get what you put in it This means there is work involved to make the most out of the platform, especially during the installation process. If you’re ready to implement digital signage into your marketing mix and don’t quite know where to start, here are the Golden Rules to get you started:

Location, Location, Location: The position, distance, and elevation make all the difference.

Pause for a minute before implementing the product and try to understand the traffic flow and the customer’s mindset upon entering your store, arena, or stadium. It’s important to understand the things that already draw the eye of your consumer and compete for their attention. Your signs should be obvious locations where they stand out compared to their surroundings. This will attract the customer’s eye and make the message effective. If you choose the wrong location, your consumer might never see the message at all, so it’s worth the extra thought.

One-size-fits-all: Different areas require different display size, viewing distance, and the content.

All locations, venues, and layouts are unique. Everything from demographics to the time of day can influence how the display type, location and content should be utilized for your business. Because of this, it’s important to invest effort on the front end to evaluate your goals and unique position in the market. This understanding will inform the way you implement the signs.

Attractive: Provide high-end graphics, video, sound, displays, and connectivity.

Your digital signage is only as effective as the quality of the content you display. Don’t underestimate the need for eye-catching content that clearly communicates your message and a call to action. Additionally, the quality of the sound and screen resolution will dramatically effect readability and the whether consumers pay attention.

Smarter is Better: Right hardware – sleek, innovative, unobstructed and reliable setup.

With digital signage, your upfront investment determines your results. Although you can start with a low quality, cheap alternative, your results will directly correlate to the time and attention you devote to this tool. Because of this fact, if you can afford more advanced technology, make the investment. You won’t regret the benefit to your bottom line.

Service is king: In signage install realm, service is the key differentiator.

When installing your signs, hire a reliable professional. Although it might seem like a DIY project, resist the temptation. Digital signs are powerful pieces of equipment for your business and they deserve to be treated like it when considering how and when they will be installed. Professional service and long-term maintenance will provide a leg up on the competition.

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