Date: March 2019
Source Article: CIO Magazine

The realm of digital displays is deeply embedded into the fabric of today’s society with its presence almost everywhere, including elevator door signage, digital billboards, storefront kiosks, and arrival and departure boards at airports and subways. As modern consumers walk by these displays, seldom do they wonder how deeply these screens influence their day-to-day lifestyle choices and product consumption dynamics.

In reality, brewing behind every digital billboard and kiosk is a remarkable industrial legacy that has today evolved to become the new face of modern creative advertising. Banking its rapid success on present-day consumer’s appetite for on-screen content, digital signage has successfully revolutionized global customer engagement and viewership. Through impactful content management, the industry stands at the forefront of influencing a customer’s purchase decisions.

Although digital signage is relatively a new industry, it has already transitioned into phase two or digital signage 2.0. Aligning with this phase shift and spearheading the proliferation of digital signage 2.0 is Creative Realities aka CRI, a new age creative technology company that designs, develops, and deploys marketing technology experiences… Click here to continue reading the full article

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