In this age of rapid decision-making in an uncontained environment, a variety of factors can have an influence. Gauging the degrees of outcome with certainty are tough as well as challenging. Today, we want evidence
With the advent of technological advance in the world of marketing and business, it comes as no surprise that digital signage is the modern go-to for boosting sales, creating a seamless customer service experience, directing
Although simple to implement in today’s technological world, digital signage won’t be effective without some serious TLC. When taking the next step into the digital age of marketing, your organization will need coherent and consistent
I had the pleasure of being a panelist on the National Sports Forum’s (NSF) Tech Tank Webinar recently and found that I wasn’t the only one concerned about the quickly changing landscape of sports venues.
Mobile order ahead is becoming “table stakes” in the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) industry and for a good reason. Brands are investing in technology to enable mobile order ahead because customers that use the technology
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