We help Clients use the latest technologiesto inspire better brand and retail experiences

Create a digitally integrated
in-dealership environment

  • Create Impact
  • Build Confidence
  • Drive Sales

Impact Media

  • Increase sales from inventory
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Capture In Dealership Leads
  • Increase overall perception of dealership, sales consultant, product, and brand
  • Shorten sales cycle
  • Align with customer expectations

Package Options


Download the CDJR Enrollment form here.


Download the Jeep Enrollment form here.


Download the Mopar service Enrollment form here.


Impact Media Network

The Impact Media Network has been designed specifically to build customer satisfaction with today's technically advanced and highly informed automotive shoppers. With full iShowroomPRO tablet integration, the Impact Media Network delivers:

  • Big screen animated brand content specific to your dealership (CDJRFA)
  • Big screen dealer content customized to your unique preferences
  • On demand mirroring of the integrated iShowroomPRO tablet to the big screen to deliver dynamic sales presentations based on your dealers’ inventory (updated nightly)

Additional in dealership custom solutions are also available including video walls, digital service menu boards and cellular/Wi-Fi iPad solutions for your sales team.

Full installation and support included.

Creative Realities manages high performing digital solutions in over 1000 dealerships today and have been a digital partner of FCA for 20+ years.



For more information, contact Creative Realities at impactmedia@cri.com or 1-888-686-5788.

Impact Media Network FAQ

1. As a dealer, how do I update my ads?

  • CRI provides dealers with training on the Content Management System, which allows dealers to select ad templates and customize the messaging.

2. Is maintenance of the Impact Media Network required?

  • It is recommended that the dealer keep the unit clean and free of clutter, but the Impact Media Network technology is maintained remotely by Creative Realities. If you experience any issues with the unit, please call our helpdesk at 1-888-686-5788.

3. Do I need to power off the unit or the iPad?

  • No, the unit will automatically power off during off hours.

4. Who do I call for support?

  • Please call our 24x7 helpdesk at the number provided in your support agreement.

5. Are technicians required onsite to fix technical issues with the system?

  • CRI can remotely manage and monitor each unit. If there is a hardware failure, a technician will be sent onsite to replace or repair the unit.

6. How is the monitor different than a regular TV?

  • The monitor on your Impact Media Network is commercial-grade (you can’t buy it at Best Buy) and is intended for extended, constant use. It has a recommended usage of 16 hours per day, 7 days a week. The warranty on a consumer grade TV will be void if you use it in a commercial environment with extended play.

Impact Media Network Billing

The Impact Media Network is billed monthly via our Lease program. Terms and conditions are specified in each dealer package, please refer to the Enrollment form above.

Step 1

Order your products and supplies online via www.cri.com/impactmedia or by calling Creative Realities Inc. MarketCenter-designated telephone number: 1-888-686-5788.

Step 2

Creative Realities Inc. sends all data/invoices electronically to MarketCenter.

Step 3

MarketCenter generates invoice and credit memo documents, which can be accessed via DealerCONNECT under the MarketCenter Billing tab. To review your weekly invoice or credit memo, click on the Vendor Code link on the Billing page, then use the pull-down menu to highlight Creative Realities Inc.’s MC code (MC616). Click the Search button to access your individual statement.

Step 4

The total charges are posted to your corresponding Dealer Billing Statement.