Our SaaS Model

At Creative Realities, we host our own Cloud-based Content Management Software [as well as 3rd party CMS platforms], which we offer though a Software as a Service [SaaS] Model. Beyond leveraging a highly robust and scalable media player/software platform, Software as a Service provides the support from a central location to any number of unique end points, configured and operated according to client-driven business rules and requirements.

As part of the SaaS model, we offer our clients:

  • Cloud-based hosting
  • Professionally staffed and proactively managed cloud-based environment
  • Complete data and content back up with a responsive disaster recovery plan
  • Web portal system access for user-designated content management & administration
  • Access to the local desktop application
  • System status and activity reporting
  • Proof of Play reporting for advertising confirmation
  • Network Operations Call Center Support Services including remote troubleshooting and local tech dispatch
  • Optional content creative and custom application development services

For more information on our SaaS model, tap here to connect with us for use cases, rates, or demo of our capabilities.

SaaS Solutions