Black Rifle Coffee Starts Rolling Out CRI's Digital Signage Solution Across Its Chain

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Published January 5, 2024   |  Last Updated July 20, 2024

Creative Realities, Inc. has announced a deal that will see its digital signage solutions built in to the customer experience for locations of Black Rifle Coffee, a US coffee chain that has close ties with active-duty military members, veterans, and first responders.

The solution is in place in a new-design store, and the intention is to have as many as 600 end-points in places by sometime next year.

From PR:

Inspired by the support of Back Rifle Coffee enthusiasts, the coffee chain launched a branded retail offering to create a deeper sense of community and provide a unique experience for coffee lovers. With the aim of expanding its business, drawing in more Veteran franchisees and further enhancing the customer experience, Black Rifle Coffee sought to overhaul its CMS software and in-store digital elements to drive efficiencies through more automated technologies.

To achieve these goals, Black Rifle Coffee embraced Creative Realities’ purpose-built Clarity CMS, a solution designed to streamline and elevate the digital experience. The Clarity CMS allows for easy creation and uploading of new items, such as limited-time offers (LTOs), with dynamic videos integrated throughout the display array. It further allows the Black Rifle team to seamlessly update pricing automatically via POS integration, overcoming a significant hurdle in their digital strategy.

“At Black Rifle Coffee, we take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional experiences for our customers and team members, many of whom have served in our nation’s military,” says Tom Davin, Black Rifle Coffee Co-CEO. “Partnering with Creative Realities allows us to modernize our stores through digital integration, ensuring that our customers have a seamless and engaging experience. Our goal is to serve great coffee in a great environment, and this step will help us meet that goal.”

The stated goals for a new software and display solution are improving order confirmation, creating cross-selling opportunities, reducing dwell time and increasing transaction value. “With an end goal of fostering greater personalization and driving customer loyalty, the partnership aims to manage over 600 endpoints for Black Rifle Coffee by next year.”

This article was originally published on Sixteen:Nine.

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