Planet Microcap speaks with Rick Mills, CEO on growth trajectory, marketplace differentiation, and the state of the digital signage industry

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Published February 12, 2024   |  Last Updated July 20, 2024

Listen and learn from Rick Mills, CEO in this inspiring 50-minute podcast produced and aired by MicroPlanet – covering the state of our company, the digital signage space, and the purpose and value for our customers.  The podcast probes differentiation, what makes CRI unique in the space, and addresses the economics of the business and key drivers of growth, as well as behind-the-scenes recounts including:

  • How Creative Realities emerged stronger from COVID as we continue to advise key verticals 
    like Retail who rely on digital integration for customer and guest experience goals
  • Rick’s perspective on the competitive landscape and how its shifting to our advantage
  • Our deliberate focus on scale and engaging enterprise clients who have the ambition to go all-in and capitalize on the both marketing and operational benefits to a company’s P&L
  • The 3-5 year vision for the company and what’s next for state of play
  • From SaaS and managed services – to retail media networks as the next mega-channel to reach broad audiences previously serviced by mass media
Creative Realities is constantly out front delivering end-to-end digital signage and media experiences unlike any other – expanding endpoints and drive recurring revenue for our shareholders, and satisfaction with our customers.

Have a listen and get inspired.


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