Samsung contributes to a new era of in-store engagement

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Published January 23, 2024   |  Last Updated July 20, 2024

Samsung Electronics America has launched a pilot program to help enhance customer engagement within three Chevron ExtraMile stations in San Diego, Millbrae, California and Vancouver, Wash.

The pilot program will combine the high visual impact of 4K UHD Samsung Smart Signage Displays with a data-driven content strategy to attract and captivate in-store shoppers.

The participating ExtraMile stores will use 4K UHD Samsung Smart Signage Displays, including the Samsung QMC series and OMB series professional displays. These displays feature an ultra-slim design to fit comfortably within each store’s existing environment while offering best-in-class picture quality to immerse customers with fresh and relevant merchandising content. 

Digital signage solutions firm, Creative Realities, Inc., installed the displays in high-traffic areas, such as the soda fountain, snack aisles, refrigerated sections and behind the register.

This relationship will allow Chevron Stations Inc. (‘CSI’) to utilise the Samsung MagicINFO Content Management Solution (CMS) together with the displays to manage and distribute a dynamic mix of content. This content includes:

  • Sprinklr Social: AI-powered social media interacts with ExtraMile shoppers through social media campaigns, such as online polls about their favorite soft drink flavors. This data about consumer preferences will help CSI in their merchandising decisions. Bridging the online and physical world, Samsung displays showcase the results to encourage customer interactions with the ExtraMile brand and drive product sales.
  • IBM® Weather: Real-time local weather forecast information supports intelligent triggers for weather-appropriate content and promotional offers. For instance, if the forecast projects a week of sunshine ahead, the CMS automatically triggers a promotion for car washes. “Stores today need to deliver interactive experiences to engage with the digital-savvy shopper,” said Sara Grofcsik, Executive Director of US Commercial Sales, Samsung Electronics America. 

“However, it’s difficult to meet current expectations for dynamic content with traditional signs and banners. This approach combines digital signage and real consumer data to reach customers at the right time with the right message. Customers stay up to date on hot products and deals, and this helps them keep coming back to ExtraMile stores for more.”

Samsung is also integrating FastSensor’s foot traffic analytics software at these ExtraMile locations with connectivity powered by T-Mobile’s 5G business internet solutions. FastSensor provides e-commerce-style metrics about a customer’s physical journey as they move throughout an ExtraMile store, helping CSI understand actionable customer behavior to guide improvements to the shopping experience. In addition, the software can analyze data on traffic flow, customer purchase intent, sales conversions and store sections with the highest traffic to suggest digital content or hardware changes to improve customer engagement.

This pilot program also introduces digital humans to assist customers in the San Diego ExtraMile store. Developed by Samsung’s AI research lab, “Sam the Sommelier” is a hyper-realistic generative AI-powered virtual being that can interact with customers via voice or live chat through an app and provide recommendations for wine pairings with their food purchases. Customers can learn about each wine’s tasting notes, take a quiz to find their ideal bottle and get immediate assistance to complete their transaction – all through a natural conversation with this virtual being.

This article was originally published on Chain Store Age, IT Reseller, Samsung Newsroom, and Retail Technology Review.

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