Are Translations on the Menu? How LetzChat is connecting drivers, diners, and guests in their native language

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February 29, 2024

Today, personalization is king, and tailoring experiences to individual preferences has become the gold standard across industries. Yet, amidst the myriad ways companies customize services, nothing strikes closer to the heart of personalization than the language we speak.

Language forms the bedrock of our identities and experiences, making it a critical factor in how we interact with the world around us. This understanding is at the core of LetzChat's mission: A pioneering translation service that is redefining communication in environments as varied as drive-thrus, stadiums, and hospitality venues. But in a world increasingly connected yet linguistically diverse, why is this level of personalization critical now, and how does LetzChat's unique approach stand out?

Translation technology has witnessed a seismic shift from the traditional Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods to the cutting-edge generative AI models like ChatGPT. NLP, which processes and understands human languages through AI, traditionally matched words to words with high accuracy thanks to sophisticated algorithms. Generative AI, on the other hand, represents a leap towards understanding context, predicting and generating text based on what it thinks should come next. This shift towards generative AI offers the potential for richer, more nuanced translations. However, despite its advancements, generative AI still lags behind the mature, finely-tuned NLP models in terms of speed and reliability, which have benefitted from over a decade of refinement.

Distinguishing itself in this technological evolution, LetzChat champions a highly contextualized approach to translation. Unlike standard translation services that adopt a generalized strategy, LetzChat creates custom libraries tailored to the unique linguistic nuances of each client's industry or brand. This ensures translations are not merely accurate but resonate with the specific terminologies and expressions relevant to each user. Such precision is invaluable across sectors, notably in healthcare, where the exactness of terms can be life-critical, or in customer-facing settings like drive-thrus and stadiums, where brand-specific language enhances the customer experience. Through machine learning, LetzChat's system continually enriches its libraries, ensuring that once a term is learned, it's embedded permanently, thereby refining accuracy, precision, and contextual sensitivity over time.

This commitment to accuracy and contextual relevance places LetzChat in a league of its own. While many translation technologies are satisfied with achieving 70% to 80% accuracy, LetzChat aims for near-perfection, understanding that context is not just a detail but the essence of meaningful communication. In the nuanced world of language, a 20% misunderstanding is not a minor oversight but a significant barrier to effective interaction.

LetzChat's innovative approach opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing guest experiences, with a human-centric purpose. In settings where swift and accurate communication is paramount, such as drive-thrus, the ability to convey brand-specific messages in a customer's native language can dramatically improve service quality and satisfaction. Let’s take a deeper look at this use case in particular.

The foods we love in the language we speak: the drive-thru as an inclusive experience

LetzChat is at the forefront of leveraging translation services to enhance the guest experience, particularly in the bustling world of drive-thrus and stadiums. This initiative not only strives to break down language barriers; it’s also focused on creating seamless, enjoyable experiences for every customer, regardless of the language they speak.

The drive-thru experience is a quintessential part of modern life. Yet, for non-English speakers, this seemingly simple convenience can become a complex challenge. LetzChat, in collaboration with CRI, is innovating to transform this experience, making it more inclusive and accessible.

Imagine pulling up to a drive-thru, where the moment you begin speaking in your native language, be it French, Italian, German, or any of the 104 languages and 100 dialects supported, the system recognizes it instantly. Within seconds, the entire menu board flips to display in your language, making the ordering process as straightforward as if you were speaking English.

Currently, this drive-thru technology is still under development, but the vision for its application is clear and promising. The technology aims to auto-detect the customer's language instantly, translating their order into English for the staff inside and vice versa. This ensures that, to the customer, it appears as though the staff speaks their language fluently, removing any potential for misunderstanding or frustration. LetzChat's ambition doesn't stop at just making menu boards multilingual. They plan to inform customers about the live translation process, adding a layer of transparency and comfort to the experience, revolutionizing how international customers engage with drive-thru services.

Until this technology fully materializes, LetzChat offers an interim solution: the ability to scan a QR code at the drive-thru, which then presents the menu in the customer's preferred language on their smartphone. This workaround addresses the immediate challenge of language barriers, offering non-English speakers two options: order in English after reviewing the menu in their language or place a live order through their app, which goes directly to the kitchen.

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Implementation in QSRs

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) can integrate LetzChat's innovative translation technology through various hardware setups to enhance customer service and streamline operations. As mentioned, drive-thrus can implement smart menu boards to instantly detect the customer's language and display the menu in their native language, while simultaneously translating their orders for the staff.

Similarly, in-store kiosks present another valuable opportunity for leveraging LetzChat technology. Touchscreen kiosks can be enhanced with multilingual interfaces, allowing customers to select their preferred language at the start of their order. Through LetzChat's API, the kiosk would provide real-time translation of menu items and instructions, ensuring an inclusive and user-friendly ordering experience for all customers, regardless of their language proficiency. These adaptations not only cater to a broader customer base but also exemplify a commitment to inclusivity and innovation, key differentiators in the competitive QSR landscape.

Efficient implementation is key for QSRs, and LetzChat technology allows stores to integrate seamlessly with digital platforms. There’s a no-code installation for digital menu boards, one line of code for web-based platforms, and an API key for apps–making it possible to integrate within minutes.

The user experience should never be an afterthought

LetzChat empowers businesses to transcend language barriers, fostering frictionless and seamless interactions that significantly enhance customer engagement across various sectors. This technology is radically democratizing access to services and information, and its impact will just continue to grow.

The statistics speak volumes about the importance of language inclusivity in business operations. With an estimated 70% of customers more inclined to patronize a business that offers products or services in their language, and a staggering 75% likelihood of these customers becoming repeat patrons, the business case for integrating LetzChat is compelling. Furthermore, businesses that have adopted LetzChat have seen a remarkable increase of over 120% in engagement from non-English speaking customers, underscoring the technology's efficacy in breaking down linguistic barriers and expanding market reach.

Beyond the numbers, LetzChat fosters a sense of community and empathy, essential values in today's global marketplace. By enabling businesses to communicate effectively with a linguistically diverse clientele, LetzChat not only boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty but also contributes to a more inclusive and understanding global community. This approach is especially resonant with digital natives and the next generation of consumers, who prioritize inclusivity and cultural sensitivity. In essence, LetzChat is not just enhancing business operations; it's shaping a more connected and empathetic world.

Creative Realities and LetzChat share a commitment to innovation and inclusivity. We both adopt a forward-thinking approach to leveraging technology for breaking down barriers, fostering global connections, and enabling businesses to thrive in a multicultural world. It is a testament to our belief in the power of technology to bring people together, make services more accessible, and enrich the customer experience in profound and meaningful ways. This is why we’re collaborating in new ways to bring the power of translation to all screens, across our digital ecosystems we build for clients – and raising the bar on how digital signage solutions deliver exceptional customer experience.

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