Score Big: Unleashing the Branding Power of Digital Signage in Sports Arenas

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Published September 26, 2023   |  Last Updated April 17, 2024

In today's fast-paced business landscape, companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage customers, enhance brand presence, and boost revenue. 

Digital signage has emerged as a powerful tool in achieving these objectives. However, the true potential of digital signage can only be harnessed when various digital signage platforms are cohesively knit together. In this blog, we will explore how seamless integration of different digital signage products can help companies monetize more lucratively, in particular, as it relates to the stadium/arena vertical and sports entertainment, and why it's crucial to work with experts who adopt a collaborative, strategic, long-term approach to ensure all parties involved benefit.

Digital signage within the sports entertainment ecosystem: a multifaceted landscape

Digital signage has revolutionized the sports entertainment industry, offering innovative solutions to enhance fan experiences within stadiums and arenas. The strategic integration of digital signage in this vertical can significantly impact revenue streams by maximizing audience engagement and entertainment. 

There are numerous products available within the digital signage landscape – CMS (content management systems), hardware solutions, interactive technologies, data analytics and audience measurement strategies, mobile and e-commerce integrations, and the list goes on. And, while each of these digital signage components has its unique strengths, the real magic happens when they are thoughtfully integrated into a cohesive ecosystem. Integration unlocks synergy across the whole ecosystem, providing unified branding, content synchronization, data-backed personalization, and a seamless customer journey experience. 

But beyond all of that, investing in a properly integrated digital signage ecosystem is more than just a technological upgrade – it's a strategic move that can lead to significant monetization benefits within the stadium and arena setting.



Monetization benefits of a properly integrated digital signage sports entertainment ecosystem

At its core, digital signage is a powerful sales and customer engagement tool on premise. Here are several of the ways it benefits companies who incorporate it into their sales and marketing strategy.

Increased sales and ROI: When integrated seamlessly with e-commerce or retail POS platforms, digital signage allows customers to make purchases directly from digital displays. This direct sales channel can lead to increased revenue and a higher return on investment (ROI).

Sponsored advertising and promotion: Digital signage offers a dynamic platform for displaying sponsored advertisements and promotions. Businesses can reach a captive audience, generating additional revenue through strategic partnerships and advertising slots. For example: during breaks in a soccer match, the stadium's digital displays showcase short video clips of sponsors' products and promotions, attracting the attention of thousands of fans and driving sales.

Wayfinding and event information: Large stadiums and arenas can be confusing for attendees. Digital signage can provide clear wayfinding instructions, event schedules, seat maps, and facility information to enhance the overall event experience. A digital directory at the entrance of a baseball stadium helps fans easily find their seats, locate restrooms, and explore concession options, ensuring they have a seamless and enjoyable time.

Social media integration: Integrating social media feeds on digital screens allows fans to engage with the event on a broader scale. They can share their experiences, photos, and comments, creating a sense of community and amplifying the event's reach. A hockey arena, for instance, could display a live Twitter feed on the digital displays, showcasing fan tweets and encouraging attendees to use a specific event hashtag, promoting social interaction and event visibility.

Interactive fan contests and polls: Fans today crave engagement more than ever. Digital signage can do just that by running interactive contests and polls through digital signage – fans can vote for their favorite player of a match, for example, directly from their smartphones. This not only enhances entertainment but also enables data collection for targeted marketing efforts in the future.

Concession promotions and ordering: Enhance revenue streams by promoting concession sales through digital signage. Displaying enticing visuals of food and beverages along with promotional offers can drive sales during events – a rotating menu of food items and beverage specials on digital screens is highly effective in enticing fans to visit concession stands during halftime and breaks. 

VIP and premium services promotion: Digital signage can be used to highlight VIP experiences, premium seating options, and exclusive offers. This encourages fans to upgrade their experience and contributes to higher revenue. For example,  a major football arena could showcase premium seating options and VIP packages on digital screens, enticing fans to upgrade and enjoy a more luxurious match-day experience.

Live streaming and replays: Showcase live game streams and instant replays on digital screens throughout the venue, providing fans with an enhanced viewing experience and keeping them engaged, even when they're away from their seats. Live feeds of a match can be displayed on digital screens at various locations, ensuring fans don't miss a moment of the action, even while queuing for refreshments.

Given how audiences gravitate to digital signage to help navigate their experience, it’s clear that an integrated digital signage ecosystem not only differentiates brands but also positions venues as being forward-thinking, customer-centric experience centers. However, a digital signage ecosystem will only be as effective as the strategy behind it – and why a site-specific digital strategy is so important.

The expertise factor: a strategic partnership

While the concept of integrating various digital signage platforms may seem enticing, it's essential to recognize that successful integration is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. This is where the importance of working with experts who the businesses they work with like part of the team becomes paramount. 

When looking for digital signage experts to work with, business leaders should be on the lookout for in-depth industry knowledge, a highly collaborative approach to customization and strategy, and technical proficiency. Taking time and exercising discernment during this phase of the process is worth it: creating and sustaining a digital signage ecosystem is an investment, but it’s one that pays off many times over if and when the right people are in the right positions.

The signs of the times: unforgettable experiences, unforgettable brands

By leveraging digital signage effectively within the stadium and arena verticals, Teams and Operators not only enhance audience engagement and entertainment but also create new revenue streams. The integration of interactive elements, real-time updates, sponsored advertising, and social media engagement amplifies the overall fan experience, promoting brand loyalty and ultimately boosting revenue. Embracing the digital era of sports entertainment  unlocks the potential for an unforgettable fan journey – and help keeps the venue fertile as a viable place for marketing investment.