Transforming digital to engage and monetize





The challenge

The central question for Cedar Fair was how a total digital solution can grow to become a place-based digital signage network solution that helps monetize the digital assets and become a source of revenue for the park. Our challenge was to re-imagine the full guest journey and determine the optimal digital touchpoints to inform, direct, guide, engage or entertain the 25+ million visitors that come annually, across 11 iconic theme park locations.




We delivered an array of immersive digital experiences and specific tools such as wayfinding and ride wait time experiences – including digital menu board integration with our purpose-built Clarity CMS. We deployed our purpose-built software ReflectView with the AdLogic platform to deliver a complex mix of content and ads and programmatic scheduling. AdLogic carries two patents designed to execute a complex set of rules-based actions to deliver content — including programmatic integration – across individual endpoints in a way that is accurate, automatic, and hands free. This is what transformed the network beyond simply a means to engage guests, but as a viable on-premise, media channel.

The network solution utilizes all aspects of the ReflectView platform including AdLogic for monetization Reflect Experience for complex, programmatic scheduling, and Spark which enables interactive HTML applications to sit on top of our software for integration and deployment. The client team has access to Reflect Experience for managing and maintaining content, as well as AdLogic for a host of proof of play and reporting.

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The results

Cedar Fair takes entertainment to a new level with an impactful, immersive, Nielsen-rated network that engages guests as they wait in line and journey the park – and provides advertisers with an alternative way to reach a valuable demographic group: Families with Children. As a result, we’ve helped grow Cedar Fair to become part of a broader Family Entertainment Network as an on-premise media channel for Brands and Advertisers to access this important commercial audience.