Launching a shop-in-shop solution for the hectic reseller environment


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The challenge

Since 2008, Verizon Wireless has successfully used the ReflectView CMS platform to deliver timely information on product, service and promotion offerings across its company-owned network of stores. However, it remained an ongoing challenge to keep the independent reseller locations up to date and compliant with guest-facing education and information.

To mark the launch of a new Samsung Galaxy phone at Verizon, our challenge was to create a wow-impact digital merchandising experience that would amplify the brand and

  • Ensure timely and compliant delivery of content within reseller locations
  • Provide a dynamic real-time method for managing content
  • Operate outside the constraints of both Verizon and Reseller IT departments
  • Improve customer experience through a real-time, updatable, interactive visual merchandising



We created a unique endcap shop-in-shop digital merchandising unit which featured three tethered Galaxy devices, as well as a vertically mounted 42” Samsung touchscreen display with an accompanying fascia that transformed the endcap into a large Samsung Galaxy phone. This endcap gave life to a dynamic interactive experience allowing store guests to navigate through highlighted features of the new device, learn about the benefits of 4GLTE, and try the new applications exclusive to Verizon.

We partnered with stakeholders across store operations, marketing and IT to plan, deploy, and support a fully hosted solution using the ReflectView software platform. This provided Verizon Wireless with an efficient option for quickly deploying and managing the digital end caps without the support of internal (Verizon and Reseller) IT groups


The results

We delivered an industry-proven solution that is scalable and flexible enough to be used for a variety of in-store digital media applications. We worked with Verizon Wireless and their preferred hardware and integration partners to plan, test and deploy the endcap displays that enabled reliable content delivery using a creative high impact form factor. Following the implementation to the “Big 6” reseller environments, we successfully scaled the same solution to over 1,100 Best Buy locations.

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