Adding the brilliance of digital to transform a classic in-store environment



The challenge

Company leadership at Signet – who historically has invested in digital signage-bases solutions across their retail brand portfolio - recognized the need to upgrade and update the full in-store experience. Digital signage was an intentional part of the environment, with Samsung selected for its aesthetic and product modernity, alongside creative realities for our experience in integrating quality, high end environments. The business challenge and purpose of the refresh was to captivate new audiences – accelerate traffic and generating incremental sales from new shoppers.

The solution

In partnership with Samsung, we helped the Signet Jewelers client team leverage digital more substantially across the CX, upgrading the look & feel of the store to better engage modern shoppers. Shopping mall locations were in most need of both a facelift, with added polish and sparkle from new choices in fixtures, lighting, and reflective materiality – as well as fine pitch LED and large format displays strategically woven throughout the journey. 

Digital hardware specified by Creative Realities and supplied by Samsung:

  • 110” All-in-One LED walls positioned in window, and on the side walls;
  • Two [2 ]75” 8K large format LCD displays integrated to the columns;
  • Harmon speakers/audio and backend AV system integration for the processors and platform to bring it all together for local store control
  • The Magic Info CMS software platform [also by Samsung] to distribute and manage all content

Our team became the lead in working with the GC to help guide on placements for rack, writing, speakers, etc. we positioned ourselves to help them around the speed bumps


The results

Signet/Zales leadership team will observe incremental traffic and sales impact from the renovation in parallel with the rollout of the next set of doors – about 80 in total. The portfolio includes +/- 1,000 location eligible for conversion to a single CMS and more consolidated hardware solution.