Retailer welcomes VIP customers with personalised videos

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Published May 2, 2023   |  Last Updated May 22, 2024

Creative Realities has installed a digital signage solution for a chain of US sports shops that welcomes its regular customers with a personalised video.  

Road Runner Sports has built a loyal following since its establishment in 1983 and was keen to improve the in-person shopping experience for members of its VIP programme.

Creative Realities developed the Name in Lights digital signage solution, which displays VIPs’ names across a marquee and welcomes them to the store with a personalised video, once prompted by a member of staff.

 Digital queue trackers have also been installed as a way of freeing up sales assistants to devote their attention to VIP customers, so shoppers can spend more time browsing until its their turn to check out.

Both features have driven interest in the VIP programme and have provided shop staff with the personalised information and time needed to assist shoppers. This has created a more positive and memorable in-store experience for customers, and increased Road Runner Sports’ sales.

Road Runner has been working with Creative Realities since 2021, and the new digital signage features have been deployed in 15 locations to date. The retailer plans to roll out the digital enhancements across all its US stores, with several screens in each location.

Road Runner Sports president Michael Gotfredson Jr says: “We wanted to create something that would make our customers feel special while shopping in our stores – a loyalty benefit that hasn’t been seen anywhere else.

“We leveraged Creative Realities to create an experience that highlighted our VIPs as they shop to make them feel like the champions they are. The technology experiences deployed by Creative Realities have done just that.”

Todd Velazquez, Road Runner’s director of retail customer experience, says: “This solution was exactly what we were hoping for – celebrating our amazing customers while also driving more brand loyalty and affinity in a unique way.” 

Creative Realities chief executive Rick Mills says: “Our unique digital signage solutions are designed to create engaging and memorable experiences for customers, while improving sales associate efficiency. We’re confident these simple but meaningful digital touches will elevate the brand and provide an in-store experience that competitors of this kind are not yet doing.”

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