Modern Drive Through Solutions for any Economy



The challenge

In response to the fast-paced drive-thru environment and changing customer expectations, The Human Bean proactively sought ways to optimize order interactions, enhance menu visibility and streamline operations. Through collaboration with us as their digital signage partner, the coffee franchise successfully transformed its drive-thru experience, future-proofing its locations to align consistently with evolving consumer preferences – and elevating the way in which digital signage is deployed to improve service and the brand’s connection with digital natives.


The solution

The Human Bean was intent to redefine customer experiences across their vast network of mostly drive-thru locations. It represented a monumental shift in outdoor ordering dynamics, introducing compelling and lively menu elements to seamlessly enhance the way in which the menu assortment is designed and presented to customers.

Our purpose-built Clarity CMS software and flexible approach in hardware options [Samsung display OM series] fitted to a custom enclosure for a 1x3 form factor – demonstrated seamless fusion of form and functionality – followed by expert in-house installation. By offering a blend of dynamic digital and static solutions, tailored to the varied experiences and cost considerations for franchisees, we created a drive-thru encounter that's both unique and aesthetic in design and economy-proof.

Among the customized suite of digital enhancements are strategically placed pre-order screens, capturing customers’ attention with limited time offers and promotions before they place their orders. Featuring standardized, visually appealing displays, the preview board holds significant value, as the uniquely tailored seasonal promotions drive additional sales during strategic periods of the year. At the order station, a sophisticated three-screen lit menu board, complemented by a high-quality speaker and microphone system, ensures seamless communication and effortless product selection. Order confirmation and strategic cross-selling are facilitated through a digital middle board and static sideboards, ensuring personalized and efficient customer interactions.


The results

The integration with The Human Bean's point-of-sale (POS) provider automates menu board updates, synchronizing them with pricing and inventory updates in real-time. This seamless integration drives operational efficiency, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for both staff and customers. With real-time menu item and pricing updates, these tools provide insights needed for employees to make personalized recommendations – facilitating additional upselling or cross-selling opportunities, enhancing customer interactions, streamlining order processes, and overall creating a more efficient workflow for both staff and customers.

“At our core, we believe in meaningful exchange at the window,” said Janie Page, Chief Marketing Officer at The Human Bean. "To stay true to that ideal and remain successful in the modern era, we wanted to implement digital solutions that allow us the freedom and flexibility to enhance the consumer drive-thru journey. Our collaboration with Creative Realities enables us to blend technology seamlessly with our friendly service, ensuring our guests enjoy both convenience and the genuine warmth that defines The Human Bean – now and in the future."