Supercharging the fan experience at Target Center



The challenge

The Target Center project called for two considerations:  1] the consolidation of multiple technologies through a single system including a new IPTV platform to replace the existing Cisco system; 2] strategic activation of the entire venue journey – including digital menu boards, the concourse level with wayfinding/directional signage and new assets and inventory for sponsorship team to sell, and the in-suite experience.

Most venue and teams wait for off season to take on a full-site digital signage project of the this scale.  We were able to work between events at nights and weekends without negative impact to the operation and complete the effort within a 4-month period with 100+ end points.

Screenshot 2024-06-25 122154-1

The solution

The client team was keen on integrating unique form factors such as the stretch display from Samsung that created a bit of disruption across the concourse, while enabling multi-zone content display opportunities.

We converted the back wall on a single display which we brought outside the perimeter for better visibility and activate and to draw traffic. This strategic location allowed for unique triggers, content take overs, as well as live game streaming so action is never missed. We also integrated Blue Fin displays that performed as name plates change out and personalize the suite experience – also connected to IPTV. 

The Triple Play IPTV platform also connected to our purpose-built CMS platform for F&B at concession – again, so guests never miss a game moment even when ordering.  CRI also set up the template approach for content creation, and on-boarded the Client team to manage it independently.

The results

We’ve increased their inventory on assets to maximize value and sponsorship revenue to drive incremental profitability.  We’re monitoring the impact of lift in food & beverage sales metrics with our Clarity CMS platform, and the additional ROI from POS integration and utilizing new functionality like dayparting – will bring to the overall performance of concession.